Missouri Cyber Security Secure Password Generator


The Missouri Cyber Security team has created a tool to assist you in generating strong passwords.  Strong passwords will protect you from many different forms of hacking attacks. All major financial, health, and government web services enforce strong password policies.  This tool will generate a password with random numbers, mixed case letters, and special characters satisfying strong password policies.  Here are the three simple steps to generate your password:

Go to https://cybersecurity.mo.gov/tools/password_gen/

Choose the length of your password and if the password can contain numbers or special characters. Once you have selected your options, click “Generate Password”

Your password using the specified options will be displayed

    Consider using a password manager such as the free KeePass Password Safe to store and catalog all of your secure passwords.  If you have any questions or comments about generating secure passswords, please use the form below.

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