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07.19.10 Encrypted Web Browsing

Before you submit sensitive information online such as your credit card number or social security number, ensure that the contents of your browser’s address box begins with “https” instead of the regular “http”.  By using “https”, the submission of your information will be encrypted from your browser to the web server.  In addition to checking […]

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07.12.10 Never Share Your Passwords

Never give your passwords out to anyone.  Your passwords authenticate you as “you”, and if you provide someone else your credentials, they can access your accounts, steal your sensitive information, or make fraudulent purchases.  In addition, do not write down your usernames and passwords on paper. If you must write down your passwords, keep them […]

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07.05.10 Think Before Clicking

If you receive an email from anyone, even a coworker or a close friend, always think before clicking on any links within the email body and downloading any attachments.  While the sender of the email appears legitimate, the sender’s email account or computer could have been compromised by a malicious individual.  If you’re unsure if […]

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