Protect Your Accounts With Strong Passwords


A strong password is an essential part of protecting your identity, both at work and home. Here are some basic steps for creating and protecting your password.

1. Choose a strong password that is hard to guess

• A strong password uses a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols and includes at least 8 characters. Avoid using common names, like the name of your child or pet. Instead, using a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters as well as symbols will make your password more difficult to guess.
• has a password generator that can help you create a strong password. Just decide how many characters you need and the site will automatically create a password for you. To create a strong password today, visit

2. Do not use the same password for multiple accounts

• If you use the same password repeatedly, you put yourself more at risk for identity theft. If you use the same password for all accounts, a hacker can access all of your personal information.

3. Change your password regularly

• It is a good idea to change your password every 45 to 90 days. You can set up automatic alerts in your mobile device to remind you that it’s time to change your password on work and social accounts.

4. Do not give your password away

• Only you should know your password. Don’t tell your password to anyone, even friends and coworkers.

5. Do not write your password down

• Writing your password down increases the risk that someone else will see it. It can be difficult to remember passwords for many accounts, but there are several password tools available, Kee Pass and and LastPass are two password managers that store all your passwords in one location.

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