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04.14.16 Phishing Emails and You

When it comes to email, we’ve all come across a phishing email that appeared to be a legitimate email. Phishers take advantage of the fact that it is difficult to know with absolute certainty with whom you are communicating via email. They use this uncertainty to pose as legitimate businesses, organizations, or individuals, and gain […]

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02.10.16 Avoiding Online Tax Scams

It’s tax season, which means it’s also time for tax scams. Some tax scams occur when fraudulent tax returns are filed in the victim’s name while other variants occur when the malicious actors call the victim and pretend to be Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents. In addition, there are malicious actors who use the tax […]

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01.29.16 The Hidden Costs of a Data Breach

A data breach is the intentional or unintentional release of information into an untrusted environment. Occasionally the release is accidental, but sometimes malicious actors specifically target retail stores, healthcare companies, or government agencies for the express purpose of gaining access to protected information, which they can use for financial gain. Sometimes they post the information […]

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10.27.15 Malware Wears Costumes, Too

October is not only National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it’s also the time to celebrate Halloween, a time of fun, candy, and costumes. Much like trick’r’treaters and other Halloween mischief makers, malware can use ‘costumes’ to disguise what it is and to trick you into installing it. These ‘costumes’ come in many forms but if […]

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10.21.14 Phishing Attacks: How to Protect Yourself from Malicious Email

Many times, the greatest danger when using the Internet doesn’t come from high-tech hackers tracking your movements and spying on you while you surf the web or cracking your passwords. Instead, a malicious actor can take advantage of you merely by tricking you into willingly turning over your sensitive information. Fortunately, with some basic knowledge […]

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