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08.30.13 Java Exploits and How You Can Protect Yourself

What is Java? Java is a computer language that allows programmers and application developers to write software that can run on many different operating systems. Many applications and websites require end-users to have Java installed. Websites incorporate Java applets (small applications) to enhance the usability and functionality of a website. In general, when a user […]

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09.10.10 Malicious Email Activity

Government agencies and security firms are closely monitoring a potential zero day security issue involving disguised links within email messages. The email “Here you have” or “Just for you” contain a link which appears to be for a PDF or a WMV file. The link actually downloads and executes a malicious .scr file that emails […]

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03.31.10 The Modern Warfare of Malware

Fighting modern Malware requires us to know our enemy.  Over the past 10 years many of the characteristics of Malware have changed.  We have attempted to categorize those characteristics into four areas.  Understanding how Malware has evolved over the past few years allows us to defend against it with better efficiencies. Malware has gone from […]

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