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06.01.16 Two-Factor Authentication: Why, When and How to Use It

Due to the prevalence of new and improved hacking techniques and security threats in today’s online world, a single password may not provide ample protection for the information you want to keep private. In response to these increased threats, many online services – like Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and many banking institutions – now provide […]

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05.15.16 Protect Your Accounts With Strong Passwords

A strong password is an essential part of protecting your identity, both at work and home. Here are some basic steps for creating and protecting your password. 1. Choose a strong password that is hard to guess • A strong password uses a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols and includes at […]

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07.12.10 Never Share Your Passwords

Never give your passwords out to anyone.  Your passwords authenticate you as “you”, and if you provide someone else your credentials, they can access your accounts, steal your sensitive information, or make fraudulent purchases.  In addition, do not write down your usernames and passwords on paper. If you must write down your passwords, keep them […]

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04.23.10 1.5M Facebook Passwords Stolen

A group within Verisign has recently discovered 1.5 million Facebook IDs and passwords for sale. The hacker who uses the name Kirllos has advertised the sale of the user names and passwords in an underground hacker forum. If his claims are true he holds account information for one in every 300 Facebook users. Rick Howard […]

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12.27.09 Missouri Cyber Security Secure Password Generator

The Missouri Cyber Security team has created a tool to assist you in generating strong passwords.  Strong passwords will protect you from many different forms of hacking attacks. All major financial, health, and government web services enforce strong password policies.  This tool will generate a password with random numbers, mixed case letters, and special characters […]

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